Oyster Tasting


Oyster served in the shell on Bonaire sea salt, an oyster served as a “shooter” Bloody Mary style and an oyster au gratin with Gruyere cheese.

Blue Marlin from the “Weber”


Salad of lightly house smoked blue marlin marinated with lime accompanied by a green apple compote and a cream of goat cheese.

“Weber” smoked Duck Breast


House smoked duck breast fillet combined with marinated fennel, green asparagus, tomato coulis and onion-raisin chutney.

Harry’s Bar Steak Tartar


Tartar sliced Uruguay tenderloin, shaved Parmesan, arugula, pine nuts, poached egg yolk and flavored mayonnaise

Wicked Tuna


Shooter of clear tuna broth, tuna tataki and marinated tuna tartar served with wakame salad, ponzu soy sauce and wasabi.

Goat cheese with Quinoa


Spicy quinoa with goat cheese, pine nuts, balsamic and blood orange glace accompanied by an oven baked herb bread.

Lobster and Scallop


Salad of Lobster and sautéed scallop presented with a dressing of Cadushy liquor and lime served with an orange-colored traditional Dutch “kletskop”.

Prosciutto di Parma


Prosciutto is the Italian word for ham and is mostly used for the uncooked, dry-cured ham (prosciutto crudo).  Parma Ham is prosciutto from that area of Emilia-Romana defined by European law as the region of Parma and is regarded as the only true prosciutto.

Iberico Pata Negra


This ham is from Spanish pigs that are pastured and fed a combination of acorns and grain. The ham has cured for at least 24 months. A true delicacy!


Freshly imported, served in the shell on Bonaire sea salt

3 pieces: 12.00
5 pieces: 18.75
7 pieces: 24.50

Oysters au Gratin

Freshly imported, gratinated with Gruyere cheese, served with a sea weed salad

3 pieces: 12.75
5 pieces: 20.00
7 pieces: 26.25


Shrimp Bisque


Creamy shrimp bisque served with ‘Vongole’ shells, shrimp and a cream of cilantro

Soup of the Day


Daily changing soup with different garnishes

Parmesan Truffle Pasta


Tagliatella, truffle and Italian Brandy. Prepared at your table in a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

Chef’s salad


Daily fresh selection topped with your choice of the finest “Ingridients”

Add on:

Pulled chicken: 4.50
Grilled goat cheese: 4.50
Catch of the day: 5.50
Shrimps: 5.50

Tarte Flambée

Flammekueche – Flammkuchen

In French, it’s known as tarte flambée, in Alsatian it’s flammekueche, in German flammkuchen. Whatever you call it, it’s mouthwateringly good! Basically, it’s a VERY thin crust pizza topped with lardons (bacon), onions and fromage blanc (crème fraiche)

Not only Italians eat pizza!

Tarte Flambée Goat Cheese


Crème fraiche, onions, goat cheese, olives, honey, arugula

Tarte Flambée Salmon


Crème fraiche, smoked salmon, onions, arugula

Tarte Flambée Duck Confit


Crème fraîche, onions, aragula, duck confit

Tarte Flambée Pata Negra


Crème fraiche, onion, Pata Negra
This Spanish ham has cured for at least 24 months, a true delicacy!



Pizza Carpaccio


Tomatoes, cheese, thinly sliced Salentein beef, arugula, Parmesan cheese, pesto-oil, homegrown basil.

Pizza Gamberetti


Tomatoes, cheese, onions, olives, giant shrimps, homegrown basil.

Pizza Prosciutto


Tomatoes, cheese, prosciutto, arugula, homegrown basil

Pizza Tartufello


Tomatoes, cheese, truffle salsa, mushrooms, bacon, egg, homegrown basil


Carbonara and Truffle


Bacon, cream, egg, shaved Parmesan cheese, arugula, flavored with truffle.

Pasta Vongole


Fresh vongole, linguine pasta, tomato, white wine, garlic and parsley.

Filetto di Manzo


Tenderloin, truffle sauce, mushrooms, shaved Parmesan cheese and arugula.

Pasta shrimps


Gigantic shrimps, spaghetti, creamy tomato sauce, fennel and home grown basil.

Risotto primavera


Creamy risotto with shaved Parmesan cheese, green asparagus, baby bok choy, cherry tomatoes topped off with a poached egg.

Meat market

Uruguay tenderloin


Uruguay’ s premium tenderloinbeef straight from the Pamplona plains. Served with a béarnaise sauce with a hint of spice.
Go Rossini! Add truffle flavoredtoast and soft duck liver. 6.50



Low and slow grilled rump capfrom Uruguay also known as “tapa de quadril”. The meat has a beautiful layer of fat that protects all it juices from the grill. One of our best kept secrets. Served with Chimmichurri.

Iberico cheeks


Super soft stewed cheeks of the Iberico pig, served with green asparagus and cherry tomatoes in a sauce of mushrooms, red wine and pancetta. Accompanied with our famous Pata Negra chips.

All of our meat dishes are served with a great selection of fresh vegetables and greens,pasta Aglio e Olio and our almost famous homemade Belgian style fries.


Blue Marlin


Local caught by our fisherman and gently seared by our chefs. Served with a traditional antiboise.

Gamba’s al ajillo


Giant garlic flavored prawns. Served with aioli, shrimp infused ketch-up and premsela.

Sea salt crusted“Dorade”

28.50 p.p.

Also better known as sea bream. 25 minutes of oven time. 1 dorade serves 2 people. Bonaire’s sea salt used at its best.


38.50 half | 49.50 whole

Lobster served in its shell with a saffron mayonnaise.

Daily catch

day price

Freshly caught by our local fisherman. Please ask your waiter for today’s catch.


 “The Quack Pack”


Seared duck breast accompanied with a spring roll filled with a red curry coconut duck confit. Served with a red port sauce.

All of our meat dishes are served with a great selection of fresh vegetables and greens,pasta Aglio e Olio and our almost famous homemade Belgian style fries.


Lime Pie “Ingridients”


A must try! Sweet, tangy and creamy, be surprised by the crust of Oreo cookies.

Brûlée “Cuarenta Y Tres”


Classic Crème brûlée with a whiff of liquor 43 served with vanilla cream, tuile biscuit and caramel sauce.

Chocolate Parfait 


Light and airy dark chocolate parfait breaded with crumbled pistachios, served with whipped cream and a white chocolate sauce.

Cheesecake – The Dutch one


Cheesecake like you never ate before, hints of elegant vanilla flavors,a crust of our famous Dutch “Bastogne” biscuits topped off with a coulis of fresh red fruits.

Tasting of Cheeses

1 person – 13.75  |  2 persons – 19.50

Our personal selection of 4 assorted cheeses:

Reypenaar – Famous and semi hard Dutch cheese.

Manchego – Firm Spanish cheese made out of sheep’s milk.

Gorgonzola – A veined Italian blue cheese.

Époisses – French cheese with an extremely soft texture.


Soft drinks
Coke 2.50
Diet Coke 2.50
Sprite 2.50
Soda 2.50
Homemade ice tea 2.50
Ginger Ale royal club 3.25
Tonic 3.25
Homemade lemonade 3.50
Panna 0.75 cl bottle 5.50
San Pellegrino 0.75 cl Bottle 5.50
Apple 3.00
Pineapple 3.00
Cranberry 3.00
Tomato 3.50
Fruit Punch 3.50
Fresh orange 5.00
Special Coffees
Irish coffee
Nespresso, Whisky,
cane sugar, cream
Spanish coffee
Nespresso, Tia Maria,
Mexican coffee
Cuarenta y Tres, cream
Italian coffee
Amaretto Di Saronno,
French coffee
Grand Marnier,
Hennesy VS 8.00
Remy Martin VSOP 12.50
Remy Martin XO 24.00
Kahlua 6.00
Baileys 6.00
Amareto di Saronno 6.00
Sambuca 6.00
Tia Maria 6.00
Cuarenta y Tres 6.00
Drambuie 7.00
Cointreau 8.50
Grand Marnier 8.50
Nespresso Coffee & Tea
Tea 3.00
Coffee 3.75
Ristretto 3.75
Espresso 3.75
Fresh mint tea 4.50
Double espresso 4.50
Cappuccino 4.50
Latte Macchiato 4.75
Ice coffee 6.50
House drinks
Bacardi 6.00
Malibu 6.00
Tanqueray 6.00
Bombay Saphire 6.50
Jose Cuervo 6.50
Absolut 6.00
Grey Goose 7.75
House cocktails
House Cocktail
Ask your waiter
for our special
Bacardi, fresh mint
and lime
Cachaça 51,
fresh limes and sugar
Piña Colada
Rum, coconut cream
and fresh pineapple
Jose Cuervo, Cointreau,
fresh lime juice, sugar
Port & Vermouth
Martini Bianco, Rosso, Dry 4.00
Ruby, Tawny, White 4.00
Rose 4.50
Red Label 6.00
Black Label 7.00
Green Label 12.50
Gold Label 15.00
Canadian Club 6.00
Jack Daniels 6.50
The Glenlivet 15 years 12.50
Macallan 12 years 15.00

Our House Wines

White Wines

Terrasses du Sud, Sauvignon Blanc

5.00 Glass / 26.50 Bottle

Pays d’Oc, France.
Fresh notes of citrus and hints of floral.
A elegant wine with a vibrant yet rich finish.

Terrasses du Sud, Chardonnay

5.00 Glass / 26.50 Bottle

Pays d’Oc, France.
Lovely rounded pear and apricot flavors with notes of tropical fruits
and floral hints combined with a fresh acidity.

Terrasses du Sud – Moelleux, Sauvignon, Muscadelle, Sémillon

5.00 Glass / 26.50 Bottle

Mosel, Germany
Lovely aroma of yellow fruits and boasting plenty of sweetness.

Col di Sotto, Pinot Grigio

5.00 Glass / 26.50 Bottle

Veneto, Italy.
A combination of Pinot Grigio and Garganega grapes,
elegance blended with gashing fruits and a round finish

Red Wines

Terrasses du Sud, Merlot

5.00 Glass / 26.50 Bottle

Pays d’Oc, France.
The aromas of this wine are harmonious yet with dry tones
reflecting a touch of black currant and liquorish.
A well rounded and full bodied red wine.

Terrasses du Sud, Cabernet Sauvignon

5.00 Glass / 26.50 Bottle

Pays d’Oc, France.
Very fruity nose of black fruits, but also slight hints of black pepper.
Soft taste, round tannins and a light oak finish.

Rosé Wine

Doppio, Blush Zinfandel

5.00 Glass / 26.50 Bottle

Puglia, Italy.
Classic fruity flavored rose wine, boasting attractive aromas of summer fruits
as strawberries and raspberries, with abundance of sweetness.

Our special Ingridients selection

White Wines

Cantina Terre del Barolo DOCG, Cortese


Piemonte / Gavi, Italy.
A pure white wine full-bodied yet soft.
Elegant and fresh with a pleasant acidity
flavored by citrus and white fruits.

Grans-Fassian, Riesling 2010


Leiwen, Germany.
Apples and slightly floral. Fresh acidity,
elegant fruit, slightly sweet and easy going.

Villa Maria, Private Bin, Sauvignon Blanc


Marlborough. New Zealand.
A crisp and intense wine with aromas of lime,
melon and buxus fruits with a well balanced acidity.

Quercus, Pinot Grigio


Brda, Slovenia.
Lovely flavors of white fruits, pear and melon
with hints of apricots and flowers.
A slight impression of sweetness yet good tannins,
ripe and rounded of taste.

Noble Vine 446, Chardonnay


California, USA.
A classic chardonnay flavored by honey,
butter and brioche notes, hints of coco
and a subtle oak character with a luscious
and clean finish.

Rosé Wine

Chateau Cavalier, Cinsault Syrah Tibouren


Cotes de Provence, France
Fresh aroma’s of raspberry, strawberry, nectarine
and hints of roses. Fresh yet complex and a generous length.

Red Wines

Castellani Chianti Classico, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon


Tuscany, Italy.
A full bodied wine of red fruits with tones of strawberry
and red currant. A lively and elegant wine.

Weltevrede Cigarbox, Shiraz


Western Cape, South Africa.
Deep ruby in the glass with notes of plum, cloves, tobacco and violets.
The palate shows as well dark chocolate and blackberry
with a juicy finish along with generous length of red berries and espresso.

Bodega Sottano Reserva, Malbec


Mendoza, Argentina
The nose excels spiciness that remind of laurel,
with notes of coffee, dark chocolate and blackberries,
ripe tannins and a pleasant after-taste of vanilla.

Font Sante Gigondas, Grenache, Syrah, Mourvēdre


Rhône / Gigondas, France.
Beautiful purple color. The scent of cherries and figs,
combined with a slight spiciness. Taste pleasantly firm, blackberries,
liquorice, fennel, thyme and rosemary. Fine tannins, structure and length,
with fine acidity in the final.

Noble Vine 337, Cabernet Sauvignon


California / Lodi, USA.
Delicious ripe cabernet. The smell heaps of red and Black fruit,
cassis and cherries. The taste is pretty solid. Beautiful ripe tannins,
some spiciness, with the final blackcurrant, blackberry and white pepper.
Delicious hearty and strong, mature and sultry.

Our fine wines

White Wines

Domaine William Fevre, Chardonnay 2012


Chablis, France.
Very refined bouquet, developing citrus, white-fleshed fruit and floral notes.
Fresh and subtle, the wine is marked by mineral notes
that are typical of the appellation.

Huber, Grüner Veltliner 2013 / 2014


Terrassen, Austria.
Hints of fresh lemon, white flowers, notes of nutmeg and pear.

20 Barrels, El Centinela Estate, Sauvignon Blanc


Casablanca, Chili.
This Sauvignon Blanc has citrus aromas
and notes of spices and grapefruit. A mineral flavor,
fresh and elegant with a long finish.

Bernardus, Chardonnay 2013


California, USA.
Complex aromas of ripe apple and pear are accented by notes of vanilla
and subtle toasty oak. On the palate, the texture is rich and full-bodied,
exhibiting intense flavors of citrus, fig and mineral.

Bouchard Pere & Fils Mersault “Les Clous”, Chardonnay 2013


Bourgogne, France.
Flavours of white peach provide the basis of the palate with lemon citrus
adding freshness and vanilla and dairy cream flavours adding softness,
roundness and texture.

Red Wines

Barton & Guestier, Châteauneuf du Pape, Syrah, Grenache


Rhone, France.
Bright cherry red colour with purple highlights.
Bouquet of spicy flavor reminiscent of wild herbs with fruity overtones.
Well balanced, good length and lovely spicy and fruity flavors on the palate.

Cantina Terre del Barolo DOCG, Nebbiolo


Piemonte / Barolo, Italy.
Very nice glass of wine. Gorgeous dark red in color.
The smell some violets. The taste is a story in itself.
Leather, spices and ripe tannins. Furthermore ripe forest fruit,
black cherry, cassis and blackberries. Lovely soft tannins,
structure and length. Complexity and a delicious balance.

Camino Africana Reserve, Pinot Noir


Stellenbosch, South Africa.
A pure wine full-bodied yet soft. Raspberry and violet aromas
with vanilla notes. Fresh acidity and lovely supple texture.

Bouchard Pere & Fils Pommard 2012


Pommard, France.
Wild Cherry sweet tart nose, strawberry and earth.
Rich mid palate and finish with a nice acidity and balance

Château Faugeres, 2010


Saint – Emilion, France.
Opaque purple/black, expressive nose of plum and cherry,
full body with big extraction. Chewy texture with palate of plum,
black cherry and coffee.

Our Sparkling Wines

Terrasses du Sud, Cuvée Prestige

5.00 Glass / 26.50 Bottle

Rheingau, Germany
A refined dry touch with a slight tone of fresh citrus fruit and a mild acidity.

Santero 958, Cuvée


Piemonte, Italy.
A wine with a fine and persistent perlage.
The bouquet is full of floral notes and hints of fresh fruit.
A fresh, inviting and fruity taste.

Moët & Chandon, Moët Impérial, Brut Champagne


Épernay, France.
Moët Impérial is the House’s iconic champagne.
Created in 1869, it embodies Moët & Chandon’s unique style,
a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate
and its elegant maturity

Moët & Chandon, Nectar Impérial


Épernay, France.
Nectar Impérial is a delicious expression of the Moët & Chandon style,
a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness,
its seductive palate and its elegant maturity

Moët & Chandon, Moët Ice Impérial


Épernay, France.
Moët Ice Impérial, the first and only champagne especially created
to be enjoyed over ice. A new champagne experience combining fun,
fresh and free sensations while remaining true to the Moët & Chandon style,
a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness,
its seductive palate and its elegant maturity.

Taittinger Champagne, Demi Sec


Reims, France.
Delicate hints of honey and ripe fruit, with overtones of greengages
and elderflowers. Lively palate, acidulated and soft, with citrus,
peaches in syrup and dried figs.
A rounded, sweet and mellow wine of great charm and sensuality.

Our Dessert Wines

White Wines

Weltevrede Estate, Ouma Se Wijn

5.00 / 19.50

Robertson, South Africa.
Lovely aroma’s of blossoms, citrus, honey and raisins.
The wine is marked by a powerful sweetness
with a touch of acidity in its finish.

Red Wines

Weltevrede Estate, Oupa Se Wijn

5.00 / 19.50
Robertson, South Africa.
A powerful sweet wine recalling intense aromas of cherries and raisins.

Our Selection of Port

Kopke Porto, Fine Ruby


Douro, Portugal.
Sweet aroma’s of plums, raisin nose; spicy, fruit flavors,
medium-bodied with a rich, warm finish

Kopke Porto, Fine Tawny


Douro, Portugal.
Expressive nose of fruits and vanilla, rounded flavors
followed by a long finish.

Kopke Porto, Fine White


Douro, Portugal.
Elegant flavors of exotic fruits with a sweet finish

Kopke Porto, Rosé


Douro, Portugal.
Deep aroma’s of flowers and forest fruits.
Fresh and round with good acidity and slightly sweet finish.